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Sushi Amami

The nearby popular sushi store Amami is holding sushi classes at 12:00 noon on Wednesdays.
Classes are an hour and a half long, and reservations for participation are required one day in advance. 
For more information, please contact the Edo Sakura reception desk.

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New 'Sakura' in Kyoto!

We opened new Ryokan 'Sakura Urushitei' in Kyoto in March 2015.
If you ever come to Kyoto, be sure contact us.

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The Edo Sakura : Tea ceremony Vol. 6

Morning-Glory Tea ceremony

The Edo Sakura will hold a tea ceremony
at morning-glory fair on July 6 Sunday.
Why don't you join us for a tea ceremony in a tea room that has been decorated with morning-glories?

Date: July 6 Sunday    3 to 5pm
You can join for free.

We also serve 'Nagashi soumen'.
Have you ever heard it? its very fun.

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Painting the spring sky with sakura

Perhaps ohanami (the practice of appreciating the cherry blossom in nature and parks) is an excuse for drinking sake in Japan nowadays, it is in fact a deep-rooted Japanese tradition to celebrate the visit of spring since the ancient times.


The Edo Sakura will hold, for the very first time since its opening,

a traditional tea party to welcome the season of cherry blossom.

Date : 5 April 2014   pm 7 - 9

 To enjoy the beauty and happiness of spring is to enjoy the harmony of tea and cherry blossom.

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Halloween Tea ceremony in costumes

The Edo Sakura: Tea ceremony party Vol. 3

 "Halloween Tea ceremony in costumes"


Date: October 31, 2013

Time: 7pm ~9pm


We're pleasure to announce that the 3rd tea ceremony party is coming up!

Its theme is intercultural experience; Japanese tradition and western culture.

This theme comes from the story of one of greatest Japanese daimyo worriers, Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

He is well known that he loved tea ceremony activities. Also, there is a record that those attendees participated in tea ceremony parties in their costumes.


Halloween party in tea ceremony room will be a memorable intercultural experience in Japan!


You can enjoy alcohols and snacks too in addition to nice green tea.


Everyone is welcome!


Those who already have booked at Edo Sakura on the day, why don't you put your Halloween costumes in your suitcase?



*Free charge for join.

(All-you-can-drink alcohol during the even @ 500yen)


Please email to if you are interested in joining us.


We are very looking forward to seeing you at the even!



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